Membership in IBEW Local 965




                             Membership in IBEW Local 965

To become a member of IBEW Local Union 965, you need to be hired by one of the companies or municipalities with which we currently hold a contract: Alliant Energy, Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative, Central Wisconsin Electric Cooperative, Everbrite, Richland Center Electric Cooperative, Rock Energy Cooperative, Sauk City Line Department and Public Works,  DTE-Energy Stoneman Plant, and Union Financial Group.

We do not have an apprenticeship program through our local and we do not have books to sign for work.

If you come to IBEW Local Union 965 from another IBEW Local, you will need to get a Traveling Card from your previous local, if you are a member in good standing. To do so, simply contact your previous local to have a Traveling card sent to you to be signed and then either send the Traveling card directly to our union office or give the Traveling card to the Chief Steward at your work location.

All new members will need to fill out some paperwork. If the Chief Steward at your work location does not contact you with the paperwork, please contact the union office and we will get the information to you.  You are welcome to print the documents from our website and mail them to us along with the $30 initiation fee check made payable to IBEW Local Union 965.

The documents needed are:

Application for Membership

W-9 form

Dues Deduction Authorization form

COPE Card 

New member T-shirt Order form 

We welcome you to IBEW Local 965. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 608-274-5600.