Right to Work Message Points



Right to Work Message Points

On Wednesday, February 4, 2015, Jim Meyer from IBEW Local 2150 gave a presentation to the Unit 4 meeting in Sheboygan regarding "Right to Work".


Click HERE for a PDF of his message points and charts.

The main points were:

                1.    RTW laws have nothing to do with anyone being forced to be a member of a union , or forced to pay a penny to political causes they do not support; that's already illegal under federal law.

                2.    You will hear a slew of things RTW laws may do, but the truth is they do only one thing: Make it illegal to have a Union Security Clause in your contract, which requires all workers working under it to pay their Fair Share!

                3.    RTW hurts the middle class. As union membership has declined in recent decades, the share of overall income received by the middle class has dropped to a 45-year low.

                4.    Through cutting wages, RTW may undermine Wisconsin's small businesses, which depend on the state's residents having wages to spend. The less money you make, the less you have to spend, it's that simple!

                5.    According to multiple quality-of-life measures, Wisconsin already significantly outperforms the states with RTW laws. Maybe they should be repealing their RTW laws to be more like us instead of us trying to be like them?

                6.    A Missouri state representative championed RTW by projecting it would cut wages by "2 to 3 dollars an hours" as part of attracting new business! Is that what we want for WI? Lower paying jobs?

                7.    Unions in RTW states are the only organizations in the country forced to provide all benefits for free, and banned from requiring those who enjoy the benefits to pay their fair share!

                8.    Don't be fooled about who is pushing these laws. It's not the Union members of WI who think it is unfair to have to pay dues to pay for their representations, it's out of state groups who have one simple goal: Bust Unions and lower wages!