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  • Hearing Loss Claims

    Johnson Law Offices

    Click on the link for Johnson Law Offices above to find our more or see their brochure in attachment below. Once on their website, click on the "Tools" tab and you will be taken to a page containing features that will assist you in evaluating and educating yourself about hearing loss worker's compensation. They have a compensation estimate calculator, several educational videos, FAQs & pointers, downloadable/printable new client forms and a form to be submitted for someone interested in worker's compensation.

    Hearing loss among older persons is a serious and growing problem in Wisconsin and the country. Even more tragic is that many people cannot afford hearing aids, and there is very little help available from programs like Medicare or Medicaid.  There is a program available and very few people know about it. The program is Workers Compensation. If you suffer from hearing loss, you may be eligible for compensation, including money for hearing aids, if the hearing loss was at least partially caused by your work. The criteria are very simple: 1) You have hearing loss; 2) You worked in a "noisy" job; 3) You no longer work there.  If a person is approved, Workers Compensation will pay compensation for the hearing loss and the hearing aids. The state caps awards at $69,000, with the average award in the range of $10,000-$20,000.

    If you have hearing loss that you believe may have been at least partially caused by your work, contact Johnson Law Offices to discuss whether or not you might be eligible for compensation. Johnson Law Offices is a small family law firm that has specialized only in Workers Compensation claims for hearing loss in Wisconsin, and their success rate exceeds 95% of claims they file. Johnson Law Office does not charge any fee or costs unless they are successful in getting compensation for their clients. Their fee is only 20 percent.

    The law permits a claim to be filed after the "employment relationship terminates."  Johnson Law Offices is ready to help.  They can also arrange for free hearing tests.  There is no statute of limitations preventing filing a hearing loss claim.  Hearing losses due in whole or in part to work noise may qualify for compensation regardless of the date of retirement/lay-off.  Contact them to find out more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much can I receive as compensation?

    Compensation running as high as $67,392 plus money for hearing aid(s) and related expenses may be available. Overall, compensation in the range of $5,000 – $10,000 plus some payment for hearing aids is common.

    I am a hunter, in a band, drive a motorcycle…etc. How does the state look at those facts?

    The law says work noise must contribute to your loss… work noise doesn’t need to be the only reason for your loss. If you were exposed to noise in the past (military) or now (hunting), your claim may still qualify.

    What if I worked for many different companies?

    Not a problem. We’ll help you track down your work history and any past hearing tests. Once that’s done your claim may be filed.

    What is the statute of limitations on these claims?

    There is no statute of limitations. If you retired within the last 12 years, the claim goes to your last noisy employer’s insurance company. If you retired over 12 years ago, benefits will come from a fund set up by the state.

    I just retired, when should I file?


    Will this claim affect my pension, social security, and/or health insurance benefits

    Worker’s compensation for hearing loss is generally tax-free and has no impact on Social Security, pension, or health insurance benefits

    My company always made us wear hearing protection, how can they be responsible?

    Studies show hearing protection is rarely 100% effective. It is also removed from time to time to speak with co-workers and re-adjust. As long as harmful work noise contributed to your loss you may have a good claim.

    What is that ringing in my ear?

    Individuals who suffer from a noise-induced hearing loss often also struggle with tinnitus. For many the tinnitus can be worse than the hearing loss itself.

    My employer wants me to get my hearing tested near/on the last day of my employment, should I get the test?

    You are welcome to get that test per their request. However, importantly, make sure to get another independent hearing test shortly thereafter. Independent tests are usually more thorough and more accurate than employment screening tests.

    My employer had me sign off on a severance agreement, or termination agreement, that said I would be waiving my rights for a workers compensation claim, is that enforceable?

    A worker cannot forgo their rights to pursue a claim through workers compensation, no matter what the agreement may have said.

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    Hearing Loss Claim Information
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