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    Ocean Spray Update 1/27/24:

    On 1/24/24 IBEW 965 held a rally outside the Ocean Spray facility. Participating in the rally were IBEW members from all over the state coming to support those voting on February 1st and 2nd. Also at the rally were two workers from Kenosha from the IAM union. They both also joined at the meeting after work at Gordies Pub to share some of their experiences and facts about what a union is like at Ocean Spray. They drove on their own time and dime to be here, they said “The more of us that bargain together the stronger we all are!”

     Next Union Meeting 1/31/24:

    More Kenosha workers will be at the next meeting on Wednesday, January 31st from 4:45 to 6:30 (or however long is needed) at Gordy’s Pub and Grill 2962 WI-73, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495. Kenosha union is currently in negotiations with Ocean Spray and you can come hear for yourself how the process works and how they feel about it. Below are some of the items they shared at the last meeting.

     FACTS about Kenosha Ocean Spray Facility:

    • Their facility is right-to-work and it is choice to join the union-but with nearly 200 workers they have 100% membership!
    • They get 104 holiday hours (13 holidays recognized) vs 88 at WI Rapids Facility
    • They get double time if they work a recognized holiday
    • They get 10% PFP bonus structure that is negotiated and can’t be changed without being negotiated with the union
    • They have a 401k discretionary bonus that is negotiated and can’t be changed without being negotiated with the union
    • They have full time representation at the facility
    • Ocean Spray supplies an office and computer for their Union Representative
    • They have negotiated overtime and scheduling processes

    We believe that local management can and should have a good relationship with the union. A collective bargaining agreement will only protect what is important to the workers at the WI Rapids facility and give you the opportunity to improve and protect your livelihood. As a worker with a vote YOU have the power and control to what happens next. If Wisconsin Rapids joins the labor movement we believe the Tomah facility will join as well and make worker voices even stronger!

    FACTS about Bargaining and The Union:

    • Flexibility is important and can be negotiated into the agreement-no current practices or rules have to change.
    • Local Management and Workers from the floor can negotiate language together on what they agree works best so Corporate Management can’t change the rules including pay and benefits.
    • The IBEW has very strong and competitive healthcare options. A better healthcare plan helps everyone.
    • The workers at the facility are the Union. The representative will make sure the CBA language protects you.
    • The plant will have a full-time union rep.
    • Strikes will not be promoted- this is decided by the members at the plant, but is always a last resort. To date, IBEW 965 has not EVER utilized a strike with any employer.
    • Dues or Membership won’t start until a first contact is reached and only then if YOU CHOOSE to join the union.
    • IBEW 965 currently represents over 1,000 workers/members and all of them have your back.
    • IBEW 965 will send all elected Ocean Spray representatives to the University of Wisconsin to get professional training.
    • The IBEW has nearly 800,000 members nationwide. We are stronger together.
    • The local news covered this story and you’ll see in the tribune they even source their information. Ocean Spray workers have a lot of support not only in the local area, but around the state as well! We support your decision either way! Wisconsin Rapids Ocean Spray workers will hold union vote in February (wisconsinrapidstribune.com)

    Welcome, Ocean Spray Workers, to the dedicated page for you to learn about IBEW 965 – your gateway to empowerment, solidarity, and the protection of your rights as a worker. As you embark on this journey, we extend a warm invitation to explore the benefits that unionizing with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 965 brings to the forefront.

    At IBEW 965, we recognize the strength that comes from unity. Unionizing is a powerful mechanism that enables workers to collectively advocate for fair wages, improved working conditions, and job security. As you navigate through the information provided here, you'll discover the profound impact that organized labor has had on countless workers across various industries.

    Unionization is not just a concept; it's a legal right upheld by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). This federal agency safeguards the rights of employees to engage in collective bargaining and ensures that the process is conducted in a fair and transparent manner. IBEW 965 adheres to these principles, championing the rights of workers and promoting an atmosphere of open dialogue between employees and employers.

    Here you'll find resources that shed light on the history of unionizing, the pivotal role it plays in shaping workplace dynamics, and the specific advantages that IBEW 965 offers its members. From negotiating fair contracts to fostering a sense of community among workers, our union is committed to fostering an environment where your voices are heard and your concerns addressed.

    Together, let's build a stronger, more equitable workplace for all Ocean Spray workers. Welcome to IBEW 965 – where your rights matter, and your voice makes a difference.

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    Ocean Spray Teamster and Machinists Support
    01/25/2024 - 0.15MB
    See the signed letter of support from the IBT and IAM unions at Ocean Spray. They agree that one more organized group makes it stronger for everyone. Solidarity!
    IBEW Healthcare Options
    01/24/2024 - 0.76MB
    This attachment will show example healthcare plans the IBEW can offer. In other contracts IBEW 965 negotiated the FMCP plan actually saved the employer and employees money as well as provide them a better plan. 1. With an FMCP plan The employees receive the excellent benefits of the plan selected through the Family Medical Care Plan. 2. They will have a Blue Cross Blue Shield ID card which is accepted throughout the United States. 3. The FMCP’s overall lower administrative expenses, combined with the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO network, allow more of the contribution dollar to go directly into benefits for the employees. 4. The FMCP also offers Vison, Dental, Disability and AD&D benefits! Only IBEW unions have access to these plans and in order to secure these benefits we will need to get an information request from Ocean Spray, which we can do in negotiations, and get a quote from the FMCP. Are these plans Ocean Spray workers would want to bargain for? let us know your thoughts!
    Ocean Spray Bargaining Committee
    01/19/2024 - 0.11MB
    President Randy Jacob approves and encourages Ocean Spray to select their own committee for negotiations!
    Truth about IBEW Bylaws and Constitution
    01/19/2024 - 0.15MB
    Union Receives Historic Contract with Ocean Spray
    01/08/2024 - 0.20MB
    Union Receives Historic Contract with Ocean Spray in 2023. Read the press release here.
    Election Agreement
    01/05/2024 - 0.24MB
    See full Election agreement here. NOTE: The employer has submitted a signed agreement as well.
    NLRA Rights Information
    01/03/2024 - 1.57MB
    Labor Unions and the Middle Class
    01/03/2024 - 0.50MB
    US Treasury Executive Summary on Unions
    Response to Ocean Spray communications
    01/02/2024 - 0.21MB
    see the attached message from IBEW 965 in response to the presentations and communications from Ocean Spray management. 1/2/24
    Next steps and what a "YES" vote means
    12/26/2023 - 0.26MB
    Authorization Card Information
    12/26/2023 - 0.23MB
    This document will help explain the authorization card and how it impacts the unionization process.
    Steps to forming a union-NLRB
    12/26/2023 - 0.33MB
    Status Quo Supreme Court Decisions
    12/26/2023 - 0.25MB
    Workers are given a fair chance to bargain and improve their working conditions with the supreme court rulings in the Auto Nation and Katz case.
    Election and Hearing Information
    12/26/2023 - 0.61MB
    This document will list the information Ocean Spray must adhere to for the upcoming election process. The employer must post information about the election by 1/2/24, they must submit the "statement of position" by January 5th, and if the parties do not agree on the unit description after the 5th, a hearing will be held at 9:00 a.m. in Milwaukee on January 16th to determine the unit description in case to be heard before the NLRB. If the parties do agree on the unit description an election agreement will be signed and a date and time will be set. Please view the documents and feel free to reach out with any questions.
    Dues Explanation Letter
    12/26/2023 - 0.13MB
    This document will explain what the dues formula for IBEW 965 is and its history.

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